Boxing Day 2014

Boxing Day, 26 December, is the busiest online shopping day of the year in the UK, Canada and Australia. The online version of Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, is also known as Cyber Boxing Day. Now, online shoppers around the world, thanks to low cost international shipping rates, can take advantage of Boxing Day Sales in the UK, Canada and USA.

Traditionally, many online retailers start Cyber Boxing Day sales at 8pm on Christmas Eve, 24 December, once retail stores close for the last minute Christmas shoppers. Christmas Day is also the start of Boxing Day sales for other retailers with website traffic peaking in the evening after dinner. Ultimately, all Boxing Day Sales start at Midnight on December 26 local time ahead of early morning Boxing Day store openings. The term ‘Cyber Boxing Day’ was coined by in 2009 after noticing a spike in traffic for information on Boxing Day online sales. Since then, Boxing Day has become the overall busiest shopping day of the year for most online retailers.